Be Our Reseller
Steps To Joins

Reseller Registration Terms and Condition

1. There will be a minimum commitment fee and minimum order if you wanted to register as our reseller.
For more information please click this LINK

2. Upon registration, you will receive a Tester Kit depending on your package, in order to learn about the product and use it as marketing tools

3. Any promotions from HQ including free gift or free shipping is eligible for the reseller too unless stated otherwise.

Reseller Registration Steps

1. Pick your package and complete the payment here LINK.
Skip to STEP 2 if you have completed the payment process

2. Click "CONTINUE" to complete the registration into the system.

3. Complete the form. Once approved you will get access to all discounted of Dalucia products
*Approval within 1-2 days

*Please ignore RESELLER CODE in the registration form
*Boleh  abaikan 
RESELLER CODE di borang pendaftaran

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